Greetings Earthlings,

New fonts are coming. Here's a sneak peek:

Meet Craytehr, the soon to be newest addition to the Zang-O-Fonts family. It's been around the block more than once, and has seen it's fair share of scraps. This grungy font is perfect for all your corroded, bloated, eroded and foldeddirty needs. Join our mailing list if you'd like to be informed when Craytehr is available for purchase.

Workstation Clutter was drawn in Corel's Painter application (formerly Fractal Design Painter, then MetaCreations Painter, then Procreate Painter). Despite it's lack of distribution stability, I love this application. So much so that one day, I messed around with the felt-tip marker settings and started doodling out a new font. Workstation Clutter was then brought into Fontographer and turned into a typeface. Not then fully completed, and still missing many European characters, Brian Bonislawsky of Astigmatic One Eye offered to finish it off.

Disclover: It's contemporary; It's narrow; it's elegant and it's probably exactly what you needed for a certain project in the past, but were unable to find. That's why I designed it, and that's why I started Zang-O-Fonts to begin with; to design the fonts that I needed for design jobs, but could never find.

We also have a new free font. Yiroh is yours to take home free of charge. Like a great sports car, it has European styling and is reminiscent of fonts from the early 1970's. It's fast, it's wiry, and it can lick other fonts with a stiff left sidebarring and a strong uppercase punch. For more info and to download, click here.

More news, you say? Yup, on we've also equalized the price of our faces to $25 each. New fonts were being priced at $35, some older were $30, while others were $25, and frankly it was only standing to confuse some. This price change also means most Zang-O-Fonts are now less expensive. Something else that should make a few people happy; On the Fonts page you no longer have to click on a font name to see what it looks like. All font links are represented in that font.

It should be noted that all commercial Zang-O-Fonts since Koobler have full character sets. We're not just talking about accented characters, and the Euro glyph (which all previous Zang-O-Fonts have) but all mathematical and Greek characters as well (as defined in a standard 256-character encoding). Note: this doesn't include free fonts, most of them have limited character sets and basic punctuation.

As always, you can buy our typefaces from by clicking here.

Yearning for some burning kerning,